The Science Behind the Hair Follicle Drug Test and How it Works

Ever wondered how a hair follicle drug test actually manages to pick up traces of drugs in your system? Learn more about the science and accuracy of this test. It sounds like something straight off of CSI. Researchers analyze strands of your hair with scientific precision. Then, from those tiny, whisper-thin pieces, they can tell if […]

Teenage Prescription Drug Abuse And Addiction Rates

You may know, being a teenager has its perks: no real responsibility, no big bills to pay, and no one blames you when you act childish. On the other side of that coin (so to speak), there’s high school drama, planning out your college future, and your parents telling you what to do. Okay, so […]

When Should I Drug Test?

It’s obvious that people of any age, sex, faith, origin, or economic status can become addicted to a drug. It can be a drug that is prescribed to them by their family physician or something they picked up from a friend. We’ve all got “connections” that can hook us up from Aspirin for headaches to […]

Hair Drug Testing: Difference between You Doing It and the Lab

Hair Follicle Test

What are the differences between you performing a Hair Drug Test at home and getting it done at the lab? That answer is simple: YOU! Think about it, if you go to a lab to have a hair drug test performed, the administrator will take a sample of your hair by cutting it off, and […]

Hair Drug Test Facts

Hair Follicle Test

Hair follicles are pretty amazing things when you think about it. Patches of hair can act as a layer of thermally insulating protection for our heads while body fat does the same for the rest of our body. Hair strands are pretty strong for their size too, as a single strand of hair can support […]

Hair Follicle Testing

There’s no doubt that drug testing has come a long way over the years. Several methods have been developed and scientifically proven to work up to some degree, depending on the device chosen to be used. To be honest, it all breaks down to the test administrator’s preference on which method is to be used, […]