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Companies that drug test buy in bulk. Whether you are an employer, an occupational medicine professional or you are simply in the market for drug tests, buying them in bulk online is your best bet. Before you purchase them online, however, it is vital that you check that they are an authentic retailer (i.e. a member of the BBB) and that they are approved by the government.

But why would you want to buy in bulk? There are many benefits that come with buying drug tests online in bulk, rather than from a supermarket or drugstore. We’ve explored the main reasons why below:

1) It will save you time

When you need to conduct a drug or alcohol test in a hurry, it is crucial that you have a test on hand. By buying them in bulk online, it will ensure that you have the test when you need it and that you don’t run out of them. If you are an employer or an OM professional this is incredibly important, as you will have to test an array of people at one time.

2) It will save you money

Companies that drug test endeavor to keep costs down. No matter whether you are part of an organization or you are buying it for personal uses, it is important that you can get a good deal on drug tests. If you’re part of an occupational medicine business, you will also want to ensure that you keep your costs down. By buying them in bulk, you can get multi-item discounts and great deals – that you wouldn’t have been able to get if you bought the drug tests individually. You can then spend the money that you saved on other equipment or on something else within your business.

3) Quick Delivery

Similarly to the first benefit, if you buy drug tests online in bulk (and you have bought them through Rapid Detect), 24-hour same day shipping will be available. This means that you can get the drug tests faster, saving you the time and effort rather than venturing out and buying it in a physical store. This convenience is a huge benefit for anyone needing drug tests in a large number in a tight timeframe (for example, a business that needs to test its employees).

4) They will be authentic

Companies that drug test locate the best suppliers in the industry. Depending on where you buy the drug tests from, If you are thinking of buying bulk online drug tests, you can rest assured that they are legitimate. If you bought a larger number of drug tests from the convenience store, they might be outdated and not accurate. Rapid Detect has continued successful operation for going on 17 years with many thousands of satisfied customers. But by buying them in a large quantity online, it will ensure that each of the drug tests is high-quality and authentic.

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Why People Want to Buy Bulk Online Drug Tests