Government Agencies

Government agencies need to buy drug tests for a variety of reasons. Whether they are within the aviation, transportation, law enforcement, financial or defense industry (to name a few), it is vital for them to test their employees. Without this, life-threatening mistakes can be made and they won’t be compliant with drug laws.

Drug testing usually occurs for government staff prior to employment, as well as randomly throughout their employment and might also be requested for employees that have been in an accident and the incident resulted in damage, death, or hospitalization. This is to make sure that they are following the mandatory guidelines laid down by SAMHSA (the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). Regular and random drug tests are something that is mandatory and should be performed with high-quality drug test kits.

They aim at promoting a work environment which is drug-free so that their workplace is in accordance with the Executive Order 12564. A requirement that needs to be taken seriously, it is essential that these agencies purchase drug tests from a legitimate and credible source, to make sure that the results are accurate and that their employees are drug-free. No one wants to buy a drug test that’s not accurate – especially when you’re working within an industry that requires you to be fully-focused and in charge of the safety of others.

The benefits for government agencies buying drug tests online

By buying in bulk online, these agencies won’t only have access to a large number of drug tests at one time, meaning that they won’t have to purchase regularly, but they can ensure that the drug tests arrive swiftly and efficiently. This is essential for government agencies which have other duties to perform. We offer 24-hour same day shipping, which is an undeniable benefit that government agencies can reap in order to get their drug test order as soon as possible.

This is just one of the reasons as to why these agencies should buy drug tests online, rather than from a convenience store/supermarket. They are also more legitimate (Rapid Detect is a member of the BBB and a SAM approved U.S. Government Vendor) and will provide accurate and quick results. Another benefit that they can obtain by buying drug tests online, is it will save time as they are delivered quickly, straight to the door of the agency in question. This prevents them from having to waste time sourcing the test locally in the supermarket, convenience or drugstore.

By purchasing drug tests online, government agencies will also have a larger variety of drug tests at their fingertips. They can choose from urine tests, mouth swabs, alcohol tests, saliva drug tests, hair follicle tests, etc. from an array of brands, meaning that they can test for a variety of drugs in a way that’s the most suitable within their workplace. This large variety isn’t seen in convenience stores or in supermarkets.

Why Government Agencies Need To Buy Drug Tests Online