Kratom Drug Tests: Catching the Use of this Poorly Regulated Drug

kratom drug test

In a two-year CDC study of 27,000 overdose deaths, kratom was linked to around 152 of those incidents. In 91 cases, kratom was found to be a direct cause of death. A tropical tree in the coffee family, kratom might look like any other plant. Yet, it contains powerful compounds that interact with your brain’s opioid receptors. When consumed […]

Should Employees Who Are Returning to Work Be Tested for COVID-19?

returning to work

During the entire COVID-19 crisis, many of us have been consumed by a single question: when will things get back to normal? That question is actually pretty deceptive. Because before we can even get a good look at “normal,” we need to find ways to control and contain COVID-19. And that brings up another big […]

New DOT Requirements and Guidelines: Everything You Need to Know

How will the latest DOT requirements and changes to screening regulations affect your workplace drug testing program? Over 20 million Americans use illegal drugs. The United States is facing a national crisis regarding the opioid epidemic. Over 115 people are losing their lives to opioid overdoses every day. As an employer, it ‘s your job […]