Drug Court

Why A Drug Court Would Want To Buy Drug Tests Online

Faster and more accurate results

The importance of drug courts needing accurate and fast results are just one of the reasons as to why they would buy drug tests online above buying them through alternative methods – such as from a store. As drug courts work with mandatory drug testing and treatment of substance abuse under intensive judicial supervision, they will have to ensure that the drug test kits they use to test nonviolent offenders are approved under the U.S. government.

Trained professionals are used to test each individual at the initial stage of the process. Therefore they need a drug test that they can rely on and that gives them results in a matter of minutes. From buying them online, they can rest assured that they will get exactly that – as long as they purchase them from a legitimate and verified merchant of course. These are, however, preliminary analytical results, so it’s important that another alternate chemical method (such as gas chromatography) is taken alongside it.


The ability to buy large amounts at a time

By buying drug tests online, drug courts can order a large amount in bulk, which will guarantee that they always have enough supplies in order to test those who needed to be tested in a moments notice. Bulk orders will also arrive at the court quickly and efficiently so that there is no break/delays in the tests being performed on the individuals. As a drug court will be part of a rehabilitation process, they will also need to have a large stock in order to check the individual over the course of a few months at a time. Buying in bulk, they can also get discounts and deals – which is another undeniable bonus that wouldn’t be available from buying them from a store.


A variety of drug tests available

As a drug court tests a range of drugs (as well as alcohol) from marijuana to cocaine, it’s important that they have drug tests that will alert them if the individual has taken any. By buying it online, they have a variety of drug test kits at their disposal, which can test exactly that (at the SAMHSA cut-off concentration level), in a range of different types. For example, to test for cocaine, a hair follicle test, urine test, or saliva test can be taken. If a representative from drug courts purchases a drug test from a store, the likelihood of them being able to test for a variety of drugs is small.

In order for the results to be fully accurate, it’s important that a drug court utilizes a variety of methods alongside a drug test that they have bought online. They must be compliant under federal law and procedure analytical results that guarantee the level of dosage or if the individual is drug-free. The results can then be analyzed and the correct course of action for the individual in question can be taken.


For more information, training, and resources go to the National Drug Court Institute

According to The National Institute of Justice, drug courts are specialized court docket programs that target criminal defendants and offenders, juvenile offenders, and parents with pending child welfare cases who have alcohol and other drug dependency problems. As of June 2015, the estimated number of drug courts operating in the U.S. is over 3,000. The majority target adults, including DWI (driving while intoxicated) offenders and a growing number of Veterans; others address juvenile, child welfare, and different case types.