Drug Testing Could Be Even More Important for Small Businesses. Here are 10 Reasons Why

business drug testing

Employees who use illegal drugs are a danger to themselves and other employees. Being under the influence at work can result in unexcused absences, high turnover rates, lost productivity, and high workers’ compensation claims.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency (NCADD) estimates that 70% of drug abusers are current employees in the workforce. Drug abuse in the workplace damages your brand and puts your employees and finances at risk.

For these reasons, business drug testing is standard for many small businesses. Here are 10 reasons why a drug testing policy is a smart decision for your small business.

1. Protect Your Brand 

One embarrassing incident due to drug use can stain your brand. You don’t want to deal with a drug-related accident or on-site crime that affects your business.

Negative news coverage or bad reviews can damage your business and cost you money.

Although you can’t prevent all incidences of drug use at work, you can minimize the risks. When you protect your brand, you protect your employees and your bottom line.

Drug testing your employees can help you weed out problems and protect your image.

2. Provide a Safe Workplace

Drug use in the workplace puts people in danger. Drug users have impaired decision- making capabilities that can affect their performance on the job.

This puts your employees, equipment, and business at risk. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to provide a safe work environment for all your employees. 

You can’t allow one employee to endanger the lives of others. Your employees have the right to feel safe when they come to work. 

Putting a drug testing policy in place protects your employees and promotes a safe work environment.

3. Ensure Top Performance

Some users believe that drugs improve their work performance. This eventually results in disaster as their work begins to suffer due to their dependency.

Signs include failing to complete jobs or assignments, arriving late for work, or failing to show up at all. The poor performance of one employee can affect the performance of those around them.

You want to do everything you can to boost morale and keep your employees performing to the best of their abilities. Drug testing can help you enhance employee productivity while reducing absenteeism and other drug-related work issues.

4. Keep an Eye on Profits 

You’re in business to make a profit. Drug abuse in the workplace affects your business on many levels. 

Employees whose focus is on obtaining and using drugs are not concerned with job performance or how it affects your profit margin. Any decline in productivity costs you time and money.

Maintaining a drug-addicted employee puts your employees, your reputation, and your earnings at risk. You can help minimize these risks by implementing routine drug testing for your employees.

5. Deter Drug Use

Initiating a drug-testing program for employees sends the message that you won’t tolerate drug use. This holds employees accountable and keeps new hires and seasoned employees on their toes.

Setting high standards in workplace behavior can deter drug users from applying with your company and boost morale among your current employees. Testing can also help you identify those who need help with substance abuse.

6. Reduce Absence and Turnover Rates

Drug users are prone to job-hopping. As their addiction gets the best of them, they tend to miss days of work until they quit or lose their job.

Replacing and training new employees costs you time and money. Sending new applicants for drug tests helps you feel confident you’re hiring the right people.

You want to keep good employees around while reducing absenteeism and high turnover rates.

7. Help Users Get Treatment 

Although you must look out for the best interests of your business, you care about your employees. If you have an employee with an addiction who wants help, they need support.

If they’re willing to get treatment, help them get the assistance they need. You may be able to save a life and retain a valuable employee.

A failed drug test can be a catalyst for change for some individuals. Remember that not all users will accept treatment, and that’s not your responsibility.

8. Avoid Risky Hires

Hiring a drug user is asking for problems on the job. Careful screening can help you hire the right people for your small business.

Drug users pose a safety risk to themselves and other employees. Depending on the nature of the job, lives may be on the line.

You want to do everything you can to eliminate these risks. One way to begin the weeding out process is to post that drug tests are an employment requirement for your company.

9. Protection From Lawsuits

Drug users increase the risks for injuries or death on the job. Allowing drug abuse to continue at your place of business puts employees at risk and leaves you legally liable.

If someone suffers an injury or death on the job, you could face a lawsuit due to negligence. Protect yourself and your business from devastating lawsuits by initiating a drug testing policy for new hires and current employees.

10. Boost Company Morale

A safe and healthy workplace is a productive workplace. When your employees have concerns for the health and stability of a colleague, it affects their morale.

Drug use can result in unstable and sometimes violent behavior. This possibility causes worry and anxiety among your employees.

Knowing your boss cares and wants a safe environment for everyone is good for employee morale and productivity. Put your employees first.

Show them you care about their health and safety by implementing routine drug testing.

Implementing Business Drug Testing

The benefits of implementing business drug testing are compelling. The costs of a testing program are well worth it for maintaining happy, productive employees.

Even if you don’t have any current issues with employee drug use, it’s good to stay ahead of potential future issues.

If you’d like to learn more about implementing drug testing for your small business, we’d love to help. Contact us today for more information.

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