Drug-Free Workplaces

Drug-Free Workplaces

It’s clear that even though your work-place is drug-free, in order to ensure that your employees are retaining this, drug tests should be taken. This should not only be at the start of their employment but also randomly throughout their time at the company and if they have been in an accident. If you are an individual working within a drug-free workplace, you will also want to be compliant with their rules so that you don’t risk your role within the company, as well as legal action against you.

It’s important to promote a drug-free workplace, no matter what industry you are working within. It is especially crucial, however, for businesses that work with sensitive information, in aviation and transportation. If you decide not to test for drugs, it’s clear that not only will the business your working within be liable for negligent retention, but also negligent hiring and they would not be compliant with the Executive Order 12564 (amongst others).

But why should you buy the drug tests online? There are a variety of benefits that come with purchasing drug tests online, rather than from a physical store. The first is that it will save your organization money. As you will have to test a large number of employees at one time in order to be compliant with federal law, it’s important that you buy them in bulk. This can be done easier through an online drug test retailer, rather than buying them from a supermarket/convenience store/drugstore.

Similarly, if you are buying it for individual use and you are working within a drug-free workplace, you will want to buy it discreetly, without having to go into a physical store. It’s a sensitive and personal test that you will want to buy from a retailer that you trust and know that’s legitimate.

This comes onto the next reason as to why people who work within drug-free workplaces should buy drug tests online. By purchasing it from an online and authentic retailer, it will ensure that the test is credible and will produce accurate results – which you can then showcase this to your employer. The drug test will also be delivered to you quickly, so that you can complete it at the start of your employment, during your employment or if you have to take it if you recently were involved in an accident.

Another benefit, which is felt by other organizations (such as government agencies) is that there is a larger selection of drug tests available. This means that you can find the right drug test that you need in order to be compliant by the mandatory guidelines laid out by the drug-free workplace that has employed you. Whether you need a drug test, alcohol test, hair follicle test, saliva test or another type, you will have a variety to choose from. On our website, you can also discover a variety of test options, the tests that are required and an array of other helpful resources.


Why People At Drug-Free Workplaces Should Buy Drug Tests Online

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