Doctor’s Offices

There are two main reasons as to why a doctor’s office would need to buy drug tests. The first is that they would need to test their doctor’s to make sure that they are drug-free. This is essential within the medical field as they need to be fully-focused and aware of their performance in order to diagnose and treat their patients correctly. No patient wants to feel as though they are at risk because their doctor isn’t performing the way that they should after all.

If a doctor’s office didn’t buy and persuade their staff to take a drug test, not only is it putting their patients in danger but it’s also illegal under many state laws. Firstly, a doctor will have to be tested before they are hired, as if they have drugs in their system it could be a reason for not hiring them. If they are hired, the office could be eligible for negligent hiring and held accountable for any wrong-doing. Similarly, if doctors aren’t drug tested randomly their performance could suffer (if they have taken any form of substance) and their patients are at risk.

A doctor’s office would also have to purchase drug tests in order to test their patients. They might request a variety of drug screening in a patient (including a urine and saliva test) if they have reason to believe an individual has been misusing legal drugs that they had prescribed to them (e.g if a doctor has prescribed then with opioids for chronic pain that they are overtaking) or if they have been using illegal drugs. This is primarily to ensure the safety of the patient and that they aren’t damaging themselves with substance abuse.

A person might also be tested if it is a requirement by an employer or by their school. Drug Tests will show toxicology results, depicting either a negative or positive result, how long ago the substance was taken and the amount that was taken. There are a variety of employers that will request this so the employee is conducting their role in a safe and legitimate way. This is more relevant than ever with the ever-rising and evolving use of drugs, both adolescents and adults.

As it is such common practice in doctor’s offices around the U.S. and the world, it’s essential that they have a drug test on hand whenever it’s clear that they have to either test a patient or an employee. An efficient and low-cost way to do this is buying the drug tests in bulk each time.

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Why A Doctor’s Office Would Need To Buy Drug Tests