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Spice Drug Tests

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#30122C-RDI: K2 Spice Drug Test. Made in the U.S.A.

  • More sensitive than many lab-based tests
  • Tests for 18 different compounds
  • Independent lab study shows increased detection of k2 at less than 10 ng/ml
  • Method: Urine dip single drug test

K2 Drug Tests

Name Compounds Detected
5-pentanoic acid metabolite
JWH-018 N-propanoic acid
JWH-018 N-5-hydroxypentyl
4-butanoic acid metabolite
JWH-073 N-2-hydroxybutyl
JWH-073 N-4-hydroxypentyl
JWH-019 6-hydroxyhexyl
JWH-019 5-hydroxyhexyl
JWH-122 N-4-hydroxypentyl
JWH-122 N-5-hydroxypentl
JWH-200 6-hydroxyindole
N-(5-carboxypentyl) metabolite C 26 H25 NO3
N-pentanoic acid metabolite
MAM2201 N-pentanoic acid metabolite
RCS-4 N-(5-carboxypentyl) metabolite C 21 H21 NO4
JWH-081 4-methoxynaphthalen-1-yl-(1-pentylindol-3-yl)methadone
JWH-250 2-(2-methoxyphenyl)-1-(1-pentylindol-3-yl)methadone
*Norchem Drug Testing evaluation, April 2012

RDI K2 Brochure

The Rapid K2 Test / K2 Spice Test with the lowest cut-off for synthetic marijuana on the market at 25 ng/ml. Our K2 drug test / Spice test detects 18 compounds more than any other on-site screen for K2.