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5 Smart Reasons Why Sober Living Facilities Need to Drug Test

Sober living facilities are an excellent place for people to go if they are battling addiction. Sometimes, the internal struggle is made a lot easier with the support of others who are going through the same thing.

At the same time, sober living is very difficult at first and these communities must take precautions so that everyong remains sober. It may seem like overkill to drug test in sober living communities, but we’re going to list a few of the reasons why it’s necessary to do so.

Why Sober Living Facilities Drug Test

Whether you’re working at a sober living facility and wondering whether or not to drug test or you’re confused about why you’re being tested, take a look at the following information.

1. It Allows More Freedom

Facilities trying to keep people sober might be a little apprehensive about allowing more freedom if they couldn’t drug test. Without tests, individuals might be able to relapse and stay under the radar of the facility. With drug tests, facilities can be sure that they’re aware of the use of people living there.

2. Using Individuals Could Enable Others

In a community of former addicts, there needs to be a baseline understanding that no one is using. When individuals relapse or enter into a facility for the wrong reason, they could offer drugs to individuals who could otherwise remain sober. It’s important that everyone in a sober living facility is actually sober and following the rules of the group.

3. People Who Test Positive Need Help

If someone has relapsed, the most important thing is that the individual gets help. It could be that testing positive on a drug test would be the thing that prompted them to get help again and make another go at trying to stay sober. It isn’t as if drug tests are put in place to punish people. Alternatively, they’re here to make sure people are safe and that everyone is working to remain sober.

4. It’s Another Safeguard

If someone knows that they aren’t going to be drug tested, they have a little more reason to give in. The more reasons a person has to remain sober, the more likely they are to do it. If nothing else, knowing that using could force someone to leave their facility and require them to start all over might be the thing that keeps them from relapsing.

5. It Ultimately Yields Better Results

If people are held accountable, don’t enable others, and remain sober for the duration of their time at sober living, everyone will have better chances of remaining sober. That’s the ultimate goal, and whatever means are taken to get there should be approved of.

Need a Testing Method?

It should be clear that sober living facilities will benefit from drug testing the individuals living in them. Your next move is to think about which tests you’ll give or understanding the tests you’ll take if you enter a sober living facility. Explore our site for more information on drug tests and testing procedures.