Probation & Parole Officers

Probation & Parole Officers

Probation and parole agencies have an important role to play in the justice system, working to ensure that those with a potential pathway towards parole do what needs to be done in order to reach it. Part of that role is the responsibilities in place, which include drug testing. But here are some reasons why buying drug tests online might be the best solution for you.

It’s part of the duty

When a probation or parole agency carries out drug testing, it’s because it’s court-ordered. The specifics of the regulations on drug testing will change from county to county and state to state, often affected by the severity of the offense and the seriousness of the punishment. As such, it’s essential to ensure that you have a ready supply of drug tests in order to comply with orders from the court. Parole and probation officers are beholden to the courts, so finding an online supplier that can help keep up with regulations is important.

It’s essential for the goals of probation and parole

Drug testing is effectively a strategy used as part of the corrections process to tackle substance abuse directly, as well as the crimes associated with it, such as trafficking, sales, possession, and theft and robberies related to drug abuse. Drug use is one of the leading causes of crime in modern society. It can also impact the criminal justice system by increasing the risks of pretrial misconduct. Of course, as an effort to prevent drug abuse, drug testing could also have significant benefits for the probationer or parolee, helping to keep their family intact, contribute to their health and, most presciently, keep them out of the criminal justice system.

Ordering online can help save you in costs

Making sure that you have the tests that you need is one thing, but its just as important to run your agency as efficiently as possible, and this means being cost-efficient, too. Local suppliers might have immediacy on their side, but it can be much cheaper buying in bulk online. Drug test purchases become less frequent and less expensive, allowing you to save money which can be better used in managing other parts of the probation or parole agency.

Stay up to date on the drug testing market

When it comes to drug testing, two things matter above all else: reliability and regulation. Through wholesale online stores, you have better access to a much greater range of tests, giving you more to choose between and making it more likely to find the best on the market. Furthermore, our store updates regularly to ensure that products stocked sill all the most recent requirements and guidelines.

As a probation or parole agency, it’s part of your duty to ensure that probationers and parolees under your care comply with the terms of their sentence or parole eligibility criteria. As such, Rapid Detect can make it much easier to find the tests you need in a way that cuts costs while ensuring clear, reliable results.

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