Drug Testing For Construction Industry

Everything You Should Know About Why Construction Companies Need to Drug Test

Construction companies often need to drug test for a myriad of reasons. You might think that it’s ridiculous that people in your profession need to be drug tested, and you may be right.

You might also be wrong.

We’re going to talk about why drug testing in the construction industry is so important, giving you a little more reason to comply with state and local laws.

Why Do Construction Companies Drug Test?

Let’s mention one thing first. Drug testing in the construction space isn’t about catching people who abuse drugs. It’s more focused on creating and maintaining a safe work environment.

Due to the physical nature of the job, the attention that’s needed from your workers, you need to rest assured that each employee is on their “A” game.

Studies have shown that this space is the 2nd highest industry for drug and alcohol abuse (15.1% which is double the national average).

There’s also a lot of capital and safety precautions that have to be adhered to. Mixing drugs or alcohol on the job can’t happen and you should make it known that you test routinely.

Also, the lasting effects of drug use can lead to a person becoming withdrawn and less focused during the day. These factors point toward the idea that construction companies shouldn’t work with those who are using drugs.

drug testing construction industry

Creating a Construction Company Drug Testing Program

In a Cornell University Study, researchers found that companies with a drug testing program experienced a 51% reduction in incident rates within 2 years of launch.

Not only do you increase safety with a drug-testing program but you instill a culture of a safe environment. People will know that working for your construction company isn’t a joke.

Some states also receive discounts on their Workers’ Compensation costs.


How Should You Test?

The most common way is to test Urine. This can be done onsite and has instant components available. We offer many different Dip Card Tests and Testing Cups to meet your needs.

Another way is Saliva. This is less common than Urine but is growing in popularity. The downside is that it can only detect drugs for a day or two after usage. We recommend the Oratect which is FDA Cleared.

Hair collection is another method but mostly used in pre-employment screening. Even people with no head hair can be tested and is virtually impossible to cheat. The results, however aren’t instant and you must send them off to a laboratory for results. The HairConfirm Business is a 5 panel test that will give you a 90 day drug use history (100% confidentiality).

Need to Buy?

The variety of drug tests available to you is vast, and you shouldn’t have trouble finding specific drug test you need for your business. Be sure to look at all of the legalities of drug testing at your business and ensure that your employees are compliant with this. Explore our site for more information on drug tests.