Occupational Medicine

Occupational medicine professionals and companies monitor, prevent and treat diseases that have been a direct cause of workplace factors. Hired by businesses, they can perform drug tests on employees (if they are requested to do so by the employer), when a change in workplace behavior has been noted.

Why do they buy drug tests online?

Bulk Buying

As occupational medicine professionals/companies can be hired to drug test a large number of people at one time, it’s important that they can have a bulk supply of high-quality drug tests. They also need to ensure that the drug tests are authentic, legitimate and are accurate. By purchasing a drug test online, not only can they have a large number of drug tests at their disposal (ensuring that they won’t run out and have to spend more time/money on more), but by buying them from a credible website, they can make sure that they are legitimate.

Saves them money

They would also want to buy them online, rather than in a drugstore, because of the price. Drug tests can be expensive if they are bought in a drugstore, whereas online, they can purchase them in bulk for a discount. If they are a company, this is a great way of keeping costs low whilst ensuring that they still have the right equipment for the task at hand.

A better variety of drug tests

Also, often, there is less variety of drug tests available in a supermarket or drugstore. By purchasing a drug test/s online, there are far more options to choose from – including an array of different urine tests (from a selection of brands), mouth swabs, hair tests, alcohol tests, saliva tests, etc. This will ensure that the professional and/or company has a range of drug tests at their fingertips, ready to test the individual/s when they need to.

Fast and efficient delivery

Online drug tests can also be delivered straight to the door of the clinic/lab, meaning that an OM professional won’t have to venture out to purchase them. This makes it more convenient for them, meaning that they can spend the time that would have been wasted going out to the supermarket/drugstore on performing tests. There are also fast delivery options, meaning that they can test the candidates faster, resulting in an efficient turnaround and a satisfied employer.

Those are just some of the reasons as to why occupational medicine professionals and companies would buy drug tests online. A great way of buying the tests in bulk, saving them time and money, offering a better selection and arriving at their lab/clinic in no time, buying it online has an array of benefits that buying from a drug store/supermarket can’t compete with. If you’re an OM professional/company that’s looking for low-cost, high-quality drug tests, Rapid Detect, INC is your first port of call. Want to find out more? Get in contact with us today!

Why Occupational Medicine Professionals and Companies Buy Drug Tests Online