5 Industries That Benefit from Mandatory Drug Testing

Drug testing may be required for some industries but what are the true benefits of mandatory drug testing? Here are five top industries that drug test and why. Many people underestimate the problem of workplace drug use. Yet, almost 70 percent of drug users are employed and active in the workplace. This involves significant costs […]

Drug Testing for Pain Management

Pain management and responsibility go hand-in-hand. Here are several benefits of drug testing patients who are struggling with chronic pain. The benefits of drug testing for patients suffering from chronic pain are a clear solution to a growing problem. We are facing a crisis in America. 100 million people are suffering from chronic pain. For […]

How to Implement a Drug and Alcohol Test Policy

How to Implement a Drug and Alcohol Test Policy Keeping the workplace drug free helps create a safe environment for all employees. We’ll explain how you can implement a new drug and alcohol test policy. Having a poorly implemented drug testing policy could be causing 50% of your potential candidates to walk away during the […]

What Employers Need to Know About Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

What to Know About Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing If your business decides to perform drug testing, there are a few things to know. Here are the facts about workplace drug and alcohol testing. Workplace drug and alcohol testing should begin in the application process. Employees may also be tested after they join the team […]

Alcohol Testing Kits: How they Work

alcohol testing kits

Have you ever wondered exactly how alcohol kits measure the amount of alcohol in the blood stream? Here’s a guide on how the kits perform the analysis. People drink for a number of reasons: to relax, to “let loose,” or to blow off steam. In fact, more than half of Americans have had at least […]

What is a 5 Panel Drug Test?

Simply put a 5 Panel Drug Test is a Drug Screen (Dip Cards, Cups, Cassettes and more) that test for 5 different drugs of abuse. There are many different 5 panel drug tests because they each test for 5 different drugs of abuse. So make sure you are getting the correct 5 panel drug test […]

The Best Drug Test Kits

drug test kits

Drug use is on the rise in America. Whether you’re an employer or a parent, drug test kits can be beneficial. Here are the best drug test kits on the market. To have a safe and effective workplace, it is important for employees to be clear-minded and sober. Unfortunately, studies show that positive drug tests […]

Holiday Season Drug & Alcohol Testing

Scheduling a Drug & Alcohol Test during the holiday season Transportation is the backbone of this economy. It’s how we move manufactured goods and services from one place to another, either nationally or globally. Here in the U.S., many jobs are dependent on this being a reliable entity. If the manufacturer has a load of […]

More Than Just Christmas Spirits On The Rise

With Christmas coming up, many people look forward to the Holiday Season. It’s felt as the time of year for get-togethers between friends, reunions for family members who haven’t seen each other in a long time and break time for those in school or college. And of course, Let’s not forget that it’s also that […]

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

Pop Quiz: What is one of the best convenient ways for a company to save money? Hmmm? In your industry, do you think you could fire everyone and go 100% computer-automated? Do you think your workers will stay if you decided to slash all their benefits to save a dollar? Would you be okay if […]