5 Industries That Benefit from Mandatory Drug Testing

Drug testing may be required for some industries but what are the true benefits of mandatory drug testing? Here are five top industries that drug test and why.

Many people underestimate the problem of workplace drug use. Yet, almost 70 percent of drug users are employed and active in the workplace.

This involves significant costs for the organizations that have drug users as employees.

According to some estimates, the US economy loses $80 billion annually due to this issue. As a result, many workplaces have introduced drug testing procedures to stamp out drug abuse among workers.

Due to mandatory drug testing in many sectors, there is evidence of increased productivity and reduced staff turnover. This shows that allowing drug abuse to continue in the workplace could be costing your business millions of dollars every year.

There are many industries that benefit from this procedure. Keep reading to find out more about which industries benefit from compulsory drug tests.

1. Construction

With one of the highest rates of drug abuse, the construction industry significantly benefits from mandatory drug testing.

According to a national survey, a staggering eight percent of employees in this field use illicit drugs.

A possible reason is that many of the activities and responsibilities involved in the construction industry require employees to be focused and alert.

If procedures are not observed, this can be dangerous. After all, with so many high-risk environments, issues of health and safety are at the forefront of everything they do.

This makes mandatory drug testing essential to reduce the number of work-related accidents and injuries. If you run a construction business, act now to halt the effects of drug abuse in the workplace. It could save you a fortune!

2. Transport

The transport industry covers employees that work on the highways, in the air, water, and on the railways.

The safety of the public is central to their activities. Whether it’s people or products that they’re moving around the country and the world, health and safety are essential.

And yet, every year transport-related accidents and injuries are a result of drug or alcohol abuse.

You may be surprised to discover that drug abuse is especially high among truck drivers. This isn’t only the case in the U.S., but rather across the world.

These findings have caused the Department of Transport to introduce mandatory drug testing for all employees. This will result in a workplace free of drugs, thus ensuring a safer and productive workplace for all.

3. Manufacturing

Statistics indicate that drug abuse is also a huge problem in the manufacturing sector. About 6.5 percent of the employees in this industry use drugs.

This trend is particularly dangerous for workers since they have to rely on each other most times. If manufacturing processes are not followed, accidents can occur.

However, there is a bigger picture here too.

The reports of drug abuse in this field could leave a stain on the U.S. manufacturing sector. This could damage the country’s image as a source of quality goods.

The manufacturing industry can benefit from the introduction of mandatory drug testing. This way, when people see “Made in America” on the back of a product, it still stands for quality rather than drug abuse.

4. Hospitality

The hospitality sector includes a wide range of workplaces. This ranges from accommodation providers, such as hotels and motels to catering venues, such as restaurants and cafes.

What each of these workplaces has in common is that they are also plagued by drug abuse among workers.

In fact, the hospitality sector has the highest rate of illicit drug abuse in all sectors in the U.S.

The combination of the high-pressure environment and readily available drugs make the hospitality niche particularly vulnerable to substance abuse. According to one study, customers in hotels often pressure employees to “join the party”.

By introducing mandatory drug testing, the hospitality sector can improve the health and safety of the workplace. This will also ensure greater productivity and profit for businesses in the sector.

5. Technology Industry

While Silicon Valley is often in the headlines, it’s usually not for drug abuse. However, recent reports suggest that the high tech and software industry has a serious drug abuse problem.

Employees in the technology industry are responsible for highly sensitive data, personal details of clients, and important documents. Not to mention that they may have to maintain computer systems to protect them against viruses and hacking.

Accuracy and concentration are of utmost importance in this sector. A click of a button can cause unimaginable damage to a business.

Employees who engage in substance abuse are undermining the success of the company they work for. They also require more sick days and may perform poorly at work.

Therefore, providing employees with a workplace that is drug and alcohol-free can make your business more efficient and effective. Plus, customer data will be in better hands, which may help prevent lawsuits.

Tech firms are already aware of the problem of substance abuse in the sector. They have acted to stamp it out to ensure continued success and profit leading the technology revolution.

Introduce Mandatory Drug Testing

Drug and alcohol abuse is a consistent problem among a wide range of industries.

Whether your niche is on our list or not, it’s essential to make sure your company doesn’t have a drug problem. You easily solve this with compulsory drug tests for employees.

Drug abuse is damaging to the health and safety of your employees. But it’s also a threat to the success of your business.

If an employee does something wrong, your image and reputation will suffer. This could lead to financial losses and hurt your brand. Customers might not trust you anymore.

To ensure that drug abuse doesn’t affect your business, introduce a mandatory drug testing program. It’s an easy, convenient way to prevent costly mistakes.

To find out more about how to implement a drug and alcohol testing policy in your business, check out our blog post!

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