5 Steps to Starting a Drama-Free Testing Policy at Your Business

Think your business could benefit from employee drug testing? Discover how to seamlessly establish and execute a new drug testing policy. If you’ve got employees, odds are you have enough drama already, whether it’s office drama or disagreements from coworkers. When it comes to your drug testing policy, it’s important to have things put into […]

How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your System?

how long does kratom stay in your system

Does kratom show up on a drug test? How long does kratom last in one’s system? Read this guide to find out. Kratom is a relatively new drug that’s appeal comes largely from the effects it induces and the fact that it’s legal. Just because it’s legal, though, doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences for doing […]

Mouth Swab Drug Test – Improtant Things to Know

The mouth swab drug test is one of the many ways to test your employees. Check out this ultimate guide to learn everything you need to know about them now! As some workplaces struggle to find employees or to keep them, one of the reasons is the prevalence of drug testing around the country. Some […]

Employment Drug Testing – How to Protect Your Company and Its Employees

Don’t fret about that test! Read more to learn how you can protect yourself and your employees during the routine employment drug test! Well informed is well armed — never more true than with the issue of employment drug testing. Understanding the process will help keep your employees protected and your business on the right […]

7 Signs Your Employees Are Drunk At Work

Can you tell if your employees are drunk at work? Here are 7 signs that every employer should recognize. As a responsible business owner, you take the management of your employees seriously. You know how important it is to ensure everyone is working at their top productivity. Sometimes, though, employees make poor decisions affect their […]

Instant vs. Lab Drug Tests: What Employers Need to Know

What are the pros and cons of instant and lab drug tests? Here’s what employers need to know to make the best decision when deciding which to use. In 2013, almost 80% of employers tested for drugs in at least one section of their business. It’s a vital part of finding the right candidates and […]

The Employment Drug Testing Laws Employers Need to Know About

drug testing laws

Drug tests are important tools for employers looking to screen job candidates, but are here some employment drug test laws you should know about. While nearly half of employers around the country implement drug testing, employers don’t always get the result they want. One of the reasons for this is that employers don’t know employment […]

Drugs in the Workplace: Can You Fire Your Employees for Drug Use?

No employer wants drugs in the workplace, but what about employees that use drugs off the clock? What can you do about them? Click here to find out. Drugs do not belong in a workplace as they can cause a host of problems, creating an unsafe and less productive environment. Cut and dry, no drugs […]

Employing Drug Test Kits for Pain Management

Make sure you are using the right drug test kits that take drugs for pain management into consideration. Review this guide to learn everything you need to know. Chronic pain isn’t something that comes up in everyday conversation. However, it’s a reality for many people who often feel they have nowhere to turn for support. […]

How to determine the Best Drug Testing Kits for Your Organization

Are you looking to incorporate drug testing in your organization? Be sure you choose the right type of drug testing kits that fit your company’s needs. If you run a business, you know there’s nothing more important than having employees prepped and in the right mindset to begin the workday. While a positive attitude is […]