Everything You Need to Know About How 5 Panel Drugs Tests Work

If you’re looking for a fool-proof way to drug test employees, a 5 panel drug test is perhaps your best option. Click here to learn how the test works. In 2014, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc. reported that the estimated 10.3 million working Americans who use illegal drugs cost employers $81 billion each […]

Faint Line on Drug Test: Why Your Employees Are Failing Drug Tests

Why Your Employees are Failing a 5 Panel Drug Test Did most of your employees fail a 5 panel drug test? You might be misreading the results. Click here to understand common issues like faint lines. Ensuring that workers aren’t using drugs is important when your company has a zero-tolerance drug policy. Many companies keep […]

What is a 5 Panel Drug Test?

Simply put a 5 Panel Drug Test is a Drug Screen (Dip Cards, Cups, Cassettes and more) that test for 5 different drugs of abuse. There are many different 5 panel drug tests because they each test for 5 different drugs of abuse. So make sure you are getting the correct 5 panel drug test […]