Smoking and Vaping

There are many old “home remedies” that are supposed to help a person kick the habit of smoking. Over the years, it has been anywhere between keeping your hands busy to chewing on toothpicks. It would only work until the next strong urge to smoke came creeping over and before you know it, one smoke […]

Hair Drug Testing: Difference between You Doing It and the Lab

Hair Follicle Test

What are the differences between you performing a Hair Drug Test at home and getting it done at the lab? That answer is simple: YOU! Think about it, if you go to a lab to have a hair drug test performed, the administrator will take a sample of your hair by cutting it off, and […]

America’s Huge Opium Problem: Pharmaceutical Companies

Drug overdose

It seems like we’ve been hearing a lot about Opioids lately. Although it appears there is a little bit of confusion on what that word means. So to be on the same page from here on out, “Opiate” is drugs derived from opium and their chemically related derivatives. The word “Opioid” are both natural and […]

Dip Drug Test

Rapid Detect Dip Drug Test

The standard urine drug test has come a long way over the past decade. With so many drugs of abuse out there, it helps to have the right tool that can detect which ones are being consumed. Over time, technology has allowed them to become more accurate than most saliva drug testing kits on the […]

Hair Drug Test Facts

Hair Follicle Test

Hair follicles are pretty amazing things when you think about it. Patches of hair can act as a layer of thermally insulating protection for our heads while body fat does the same for the rest of our body. Hair strands are pretty strong for their size too, as a single strand of hair can support […]

Forensic Drug Testing

Rapid Detect SDS

Have you ever watched those police shows where they have to investigate a crime using special equipment and techniques that make them look like scientists working in a government lab? Someone will come in holding a file or container that has the word “forensic” stamped across the top. Somehow you just knew it was important. […]

Alcohol Issues On Independence Day

Alcohol Issues

Celebrating America’s birthday is one of the best holidays of the year. Usually one of the hottest days of the year too, but many of us like to go to the lake to cool off, cook some hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, hang out together while listening to music, and just have fun. Depending […]

Butane Hash Oil (BHO)


Language is an important part of communication. Without it, how would we know what each other is trying to say? We all have use words that have different meanings. If you ask around, you’ll notice we call a lot of things by different labels. How can we keep up with all these names? Well not […]

Is There A Such Thing As Abuse-Deterrent Painkillers?

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word, “Addiction”? You might think about drugs (if not a particular one) or alcohol, right? As often as the word is thrown around, we always seem to hear or read about someone being addicted to their smartphone or some popular TV show. […]

K2 Death Toll Rises During Spring Break

Spring break is a time for students in both in college and school to take a break during (or as close to) the beginning of the Spring Equinox season. It’s a time when they can blow off steam and cut loose for a bit prior to heading back and taking tests before the end of […]