In The “Spirits” Of Bourbon Heritage Month

Kentucky….the final frontier….. Okay, just kidding about that, but one could say that it has the final word when it comes to producing great tasting bourbon if you fancy that sort of thing. It’s been the cause of many o’ great stories, events, and interesting times. It’s been the tool for unblocking inspiration for writers […]


Alco-Screen 02

When thinking about alcohol testing, what do you consider as an acceptable method? Do you prefer breathalyzer tests? Too expensive! Maybe something less digital like the AlcoCheck02? Efficient, but not everyone is going to be that cooperative all the time. What about checking for alcohol by simply testing the saliva from someone who has been […]

Christmas Alcoholism

The holiday season is one of the most stressful times of the year. Anyone can tell simply by listening or watching how people act at the stores or out in the open. As we get closer to the Christmas holiday, people start to frantically run around like they’ve lost their minds. It makes you wonder […]