9 Reasons Your Business Should Use Saliva Drug Tests

If your business is using drug testing, you may have encountered some of the issues that urine testing can bring. But there is another way. Here are 9 reasons why saliva drug tests are something that your business should be considering.

Testing your employees and applicants for drugs and alcohol is almost considered the norm.

In many workplaces, it is necessary. If you work with heavy equipment or machinery where accidents may occur, it can help stop injury and is often included for insurance purposes.

Working in high-risk fields, like rehab clinics, it is imperative that you test your staff. The question is, what is the best way to test them. Administering a blood or urine test can be awkward and invasive. Saliva drug tests can be a much better and an easier choice.

Just because you have to drug test your employees, it doesn’t have to be awkward or unpleasant, for you or them. Here we will look at why saliva drug testing might be the best option for your company.

Benefits of Saliva Drug Tests

Next, let’s compare the saliva drug testing kits to other types of drug testing. These are blood or urine testing.

1. Accuracy

Blood testing for drugs or alcohol can be the more accurate option but they only show that the substance is in your system. A urine test will pick up traces of substances, but it won’t actually tell you if the person is under the influence at the time of the test.

A saliva test can detect the presence of the drug or alcohol and also tell you how long it has been in the system and at what dosage. This will be helpful, as the drugs can linger in the system for various periods of time.

2. Less Invasive

A blood test is considered invasive and many people don’t like needles or give up their blood. A urine test is also tricky because people can tamper with a sample.

This means you need to witness the person giving the sample, which opens up a whole world of problems of invasion of privacy and even employees refusing to comply. The saliva test doesn’t require an injection or removing any clothing.

3. Cleaner

A urine test is awkward to do if you have to do it in front of someone, or even on your own. It may also be hard to catch the urine if mid-stream is needed. People may be nervous and splash themselves.

Saliva drug testing is a simple swab in the mouth, so the only issue could be muffin crumbs or coffee residue.

4. Less Tampering

A urine test is one that people have tried to and succeeded in tampering with. They try giving someone else’s urine or try to add something to skew the results at the time of the test.

The saliva swab test is harder to tamper with particularly when the employee doesn’t know it is coming. There are always going to be people who try, but the detection of tampering is as good as a failed test.

5. Cost Effective

All of the drug tests need to be sent to the lab unless you are using the type that you administer and get instant results. The saliva test can be cost-effective.

These types of kits come with full instructions and can be very accurate in showing traces of substances in the saliva. These types of kits are perfect if you are having a surprise drug testing at the workplace for all employees.

6. Faster Results

With testing for drugs using a urine or blood test, the body must first metabolize the substance. If the user has just taken something, it may not show up right away.

The traces of the substance may still be present in the mouth and saliva, not having had a chance to pass through the body or move to the bloodstream. This can be very useful when you need speedy results.

7. More Comfortable

A saliva test if far more comfortable for the person being tested and for the person who has to give it. No one has to worry about shy bladder or going to a special area and removing any clothing.

People should be more relaxed during a saliva test, which can also have a better and more accurate result. People are often less reluctant to submit to this type of testing.

8. Test Anywhere

You can perform these tests anywhere and any time. You don’t need to get someone in to do the blood testing and you don’t need a special room or area to do it. It can be done in the field, in an office or before they enter the building.

You can more easily perform random drug tests, so the donor doesn’t have time to prepare. This is great for people who work outside or in factories where there may not be the best access to a washroom.

9. As Seen on TV

All of your favorite police and forensic officers use the saliva test to catch the perp. They always seem to have a cotton swap in a tube, just for that purpose.

They are far cooler than peeing in a cup and they can glare at you while they give it. Makes it so much more fun and authentic. Something to talk about over dinner later, or when they are brushing up their resume.

High Times

More and more, businesses are using convenient types of drug testing for their employees. Some even use them before interviewing applicants, just to save time and money.

It may seem like an invasion of privacy and that debate will rage on, but as an employer, it might be a matter of life and death. If the work is high-risk, it is imperative that the people are as alert and prepared as they can be.

Construction, heavy equipment operators, transit drivers, and rehab workers. It’s important for almost all jobs, as even the slightest mistake can cost millions of dollars or lives.

Spit Take

Please take a moment to visit our website and look at all the different products we have available.

The saliva drug test kit might be exactly what you need for your own company, to ensure all employees are kept safe and drug-free.

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