Open Up and Say Ahhhh…. How a Saliva Drug Test Works

Are you looking for a less invasive way to do drug testing? This guide will explain exactly how a saliva drug test works and why it’s a great option. Running a business is no easy feat in the first place. It seems as though there’s always something new on your never-ending to-do list. When it […]

9 Reasons Your Business Should Use Saliva Drug Tests

If your business is using drug testing, you may have encountered some of the issues that urine testing can bring. But there is another way. Here are 9 reasons why saliva drug tests are something that your business should be considering. Testing your employees and applicants for drugs and alcohol is almost considered the norm. […]

The Benefits of Drug Testing

Drug Testing: A Powerful Force in the War on Drugs In the mid-1990’s, almost overnight it became fashionable to talk of testing millions of people at work for both alcohol and drugs. 15 years ago the idea seemed so extreme that the government cuts it out of the White Paper altogether – with small concessions […]