The Truth About Taking an Instant Drug Test

Have you ever wondered about how an instant drug test works or how accurate they actually are? If you have, then check out this must-know info!

Will an instant drug test suit your needs? You’ll be shocked to find out the truth.

There are many reasons why you might need a drug test. Sometimes, it’s for employee screenings and other times, it’s for personal use.

You, too, can reap the benefits of convenient drug testing.

The following information will help you determine if an instant drug test is for you.

What is an Instant Drug Test?

Anyone can use an instant drug test to screen for drugs in someone’s system. A urine drug test is the most popular variation of drug tests.

Urine drug tests are widely available and can be found in stores. They tend to be cheap, are easy to use, and only require a little bit of urine for testing.

Every instant drug test is different. Some drug tests are capable of screening up to sixteen different drugs while others only screen for a single substance.

Drug tests come in different forms. Some are dipsticks while others are simply cups with drug tests built into them. Most of the instant drug screens available test urine samples.

With that said, not all instant drug screenings are created equal:


Not all drug tests have the same accuracy. It’s important to keep this in mind when selecting an instant drug screening.

Home drug screening kits have a reputation for being inaccurate. However, some instant drug tests are not only certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) but are up to 99% accurate.

Instant drug screens might only be able to detect drugs in one’s system if the person did drugs within a certain time frame. If the time frame between use and testing is big enough, then the drug test might not be able to detect any drugs.

Be sure to check the box and related items for more information about accuracy. You can also look up different instant drug screenings online and pick one depending on accuracy.

When shopping online for the most accurate instant drug testing, make it a point to read reviews to see how accurate the test was for other people.

You don’t need to rely on a laboratory for drug testing results. An instant drug screening can offer you the following benefits:

The Benefits

Instant drug tests give you the satisfaction of instant results. Laboratory drug tests have waiting times that can be stressful to deal with.

Instant urine tests are also more affordable than laboratory testing. An instant drug test might cost up to $50 singularly, but only $7 to $10 if purchased in bulk.

Taking an instant urine test can be on par with laboratory drug tests. It all depends on what kind of drug test you get and how intricate it is.

You can test for a vast array of drugs with instant drug screen tools. All it takes is a little urine or saliva.

The urine drug test might also be a good way to screen employees. Drug testing employees has been shown to decrease absenteeism and turnover rates while increasing employee productivity. Drug users in the workplace are shown to be around 33% less productive

When To Take an Instant Drug Screen

There are many occasions when you might need to take or administer an instant drug test.

If you need to know what drugs are in a person’s system on the spot, purchase an instant drug screening test.

Drug tests are common when screening employees during the hiring process. You can also use drug tests as a way of ensuring you have a high-quality staff. However, many professions specifically require laboratory testing.

If you or someone you know has taken drugs, you can test their urine to find out exactly what kind of drugs they did. People might mistakenly do drugs that are laced with other drugs. For instance, cocaine might be laced with opioids, fentanyl, PCP, etc.

If you are in a rehab setting, medical professionals will want to know what kind of drugs you have in your system. This will often require an instant urine test for drugs.

You might be suspicious that your child is taking drugs. It’s okay to want to test them in order to be safe. Schools sometimes drug test children for sports and other extracurricular activities.

If you want basic information about the drugs in someone’s system, use an instant urine test kit. While laboratories can report how much of a drug is in an individual’s system, instant drug screens do not do this.

How Instant Drug Screening’s Work

We metabolize everything we ingest. That includes drugs. The substances in one’s system (metabolites) remain in their body after taking them.

The liver is the site of most drug metabolism. Here, inactive drugs are converted into an active form.

The body eliminates most metabolites through the kidneys (urine), but also through liver bile. Other means of metabolite elimination include saliva, sweat, breast milk, and even exhaled air. Drug metabolites also travel around the bloodstream and get deposited into hair follicles.

If a drug screening detects a certain amount of drug metabolites, the drug test will show up as positive. Unlike a laboratory test, you will most likely not know how much of a certain metabolite is present in someone’s system.

In the case of testing for marijuana, the test will detect cannabinoids in one’s system.

Certain drugs take longer for your body to eliminate. That’s when you might be able to detect cannabis use for a longer window of time than amphetamine or heroin use. For the most accurate results, make sure the window between the time of drug use and testing is minimal.

Once again: different drug tests screen for different substances. Make sure you get an instant drug screening that suits your needs.

Get Instant Results

An instant drug test has a lot to offer you. You don’t need a laboratory test to get basic information about the substances in a person’s body.

Save yourself time and money: find out the truth with a urine drug test.

Learn more about instant drug testing. You won’t regret it.

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