How To Read the Rapid Detect K2 Test

RDI K2 Test

You’ve collected the correct specimen amount and you are about to see the results. The good news is that you have already done the hard part, collecting the sample in a cup. Now you have to remove the cap from the dip card and allow the single strip to soak up the sample for at least 15 seconds. Administering this test really isn’t difficult at all, it’s important to know how to read the Rapid Detect K2 test results.

The results should start showing up in about 5 minutes (if not less) if everything has gone well. By that, I mean if no tampering of any kind has been done. One thing you should pay close attention to is if there is a line next to the letter “C” (which stands for control) to tell you the test is running fine. If a line does not appear next to the control, then you must presume the test as invalid and try a new drug test.

However, it’s a little different when you look at the drug results because you want to see a line next to the drug abbreviation, as it means negative. If you do NOT see a line appear next to the drug abbreviation on the test strip, that means the sample is non-negative (a.k.a. positive) for K2.

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Another question that may pop into your mind may be “does a faint line mean there is some amount of K2 present in the urine?” Yes, it does! The presence of a test line, regardless of how faint, indicates a negative result. Even if there is some drug in the urine, if the line is present, the specimen does have the MINIMUM amount of drug needed, therefore it should be considered positive. If you have any doubts, you should consider performing the test again.

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