What is the Alco-Screen?


A lot of us like to take a drink to ease off the stress from time to time. It could be because of work related issues, family situation, financial struggles, or any other number of things. We all have to do something to make the tension go away. I don’t know about you, but the less tension I have, the easier I can breathe. I’m a guy who really likes to breathe, but that’s beside the point. Sometimes we can take it a bit too far, crossing over that fine line of sobriety/intoxication. Even our common sense can get thrown off because it gets dulled down by the alcohol. In times like those, it’s always good to have a backup plan, a tool dedicated to a specific job: letting us know when we’ve had too much to drink.

If you’ve browsed our website before, you may have come across a couple of our products called Alco-Screen (indicates blood alcohol levels at 0.02% to 0.30%) and Alco-Screen02 (indicates blood alcohol levels at 0.02%). These tests can help detect the blood alcohol content in not just saliva, but in some other fluids as well. These products need no special training if you carefully followed the instructions provided. Granted that you may not have actually spent the time reading over the products information, I’m guessing you probably can’t think of all the benefits they have to offer. That’s why I am going to explain all of that information here in this post so you could get a better understanding of what the Alco-Screen can do for you.

Alco-Screen Saliva Test Strips

One way this would be very beneficial is if more bars and clubs would take interests in testing their patrons before they get into their vehicle if they choose to deter customers from drinking and driving. Some taverns across the nation have already started making sure that clients test their BAC before they walk out. Acknowledged, there are different methods for trying to detect alcohol content. For example, there is a bar owner in Ohio who installed a wall-mounted breathalyzer machine that his patrons can pay $1, per straw, to blow into to learn if they are over the limit to drive. However, that machine is very costly at around $1,399. That might be a little bit more than what some owners are willing to pay for.

If you’re a business owner, you probably keep a close eye on the money coming in and going out. You may not be able to afford a fancy machine that doles out straws so people can blow in them to see if they have too high of BAC. Plus there is the cost of the straws, maintenance of the machine when it breaks down, and the statistics showing the bars and nightclubs industry revenue growth has been slowing down since 2010. Some believe it is because of shaky consumer confidence and the possible unemployment rate, meaning people have been more content to drink at home rather than at bars or nightclubs. So with all this in mind, wouldn’t it seem fair to say that you might be looking for a much more affordable way to offer this same service to your customers?

Alco-Screen 02
Alco-Screen 02 Saliva Alcohol Test

That’s where the Alco-Screen products can help. For a fraction of the cost and without the maintenance, they could help prevent nightclubs customers from getting a DUI. If your clients feel like you really care about them, they will return the favor to you. What are the odds that some of your customers might drive a semi truck for a living? They are constantly under close scrutiny under the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. The Alco-Screen02 test strips could help keep them from getting stopped before they start back on the road.

Maybe you’re the bar owner, getting a DUI can defiantly tarnish a person’s professional reputation, especially one that you worked so hard to establish. Using an Alco-Screen test strip could help prevent that from happening simply by showing that you’ve had a little bit too much to drink and maybe you should wait a while before getting behind the wheel. Got an employee, like a waiter/waitress, you want to check while on the job? You can dip the test strip into their non-alcoholic drink to see if they’ve been mixing any liquor in it trying to hide the fact they have been drinking on the job. However, it is recommended the person taking the test do not place anything in their mouth for at least 15 minutes prior in order to attain the most accurate results.

It’s obvious that excessive alcohol consumption can cause major health problems. It’s been proven that it can be a major contributing factor to strokes, mental illness, liver disease, falls, injuries, and accidents. Clearly, the BAC at which a person becomes impaired is different for everybody. Considering that gender, physical size, weight, activity level, eating habits, and alcohol tolerance all affect the level of impairment. Generally, it takes the human body about 4 to 6 hours to process alcohol. So imagine for a moment what would happen if you were pulled over on the side of the road by the police or you came up to a DUI checkpoint after a night of drinking, what’s going to happen? Depending on your local or state laws, you might end up rubbing shoulders in the drunk tank with somebody.

The Alco-Screen alcohol test is the perfect instrument to help prevent drunk driving because it can be taken anywhere and anytime with accurate results. It is FDA Cleared and even though you can find it over-the-counter at most pharmacies, we offer it at a very affordable price. These are great to keep on hand no matter if you’re a bar owner, police officer, or you like to keep yourself sober should you have to get behind the wheel. Like the song from the rapper, Ice Cube, who used to say: “You better check yo self before you wreck yo self”. If you want to speak to our friendly knowledgeable sales consultants, you can call (888) 404-0020 weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm CDT or send an email to [email protected] with your questions or concerns.

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