Drug Abuse a Private or Public Matter?

By Phil Baldwin, CEO Rapid Detect, INC

Would you normally walk up to someone on the street and ask them a personal question like “are you having an affair?” “Are you gay”? It would be highly uncomfortable and likely met with a mad stare as well as an extreme lack of cordiality. You just do not normally ask personal questions like that without experiencing a total negative retaliation.

A person would definitely feel uncomfortable asking such personal questions but what about drug abuse and drug testing? Every person that is consuming illicit drugs sure wants to keep it a secret. They don’t want the police to know, they do not want employees to know, and most of the time they do not want doctors to know. Kids do not want their parents to know it and parents do not want the kids to know what they are doing.

Besides the shame, as well as the loneliness, the darkness and isolation of living inside of those protected walls, drug abuse is such a big problem that it is just not funny anymore. It is a dead end road with no light at the end of the tunnel if one maintains course it can eventually lead to very bad things.

It is a problem for everyone directly and indirectly. It hurts the innocent and the guilty. It has caused the death of so many people and harmed so many families. It has spread so much emptiness and brought on such despair. The fact is that Drug Abuse in America has created too many orphans, widows, jobless and homeless people. Drug Abuse and Addiction have destroyed so many good communities that wind up costing the taxpayer billions of dollars.

We have to start seeing it for what it really is! Drug Abuse is a monster! It is a thieving, killing, forever life altering, destroyer of a monster. It can strip you of the best years of your life and leave you with nothing but bad memories if you fail to see it for what it really is. It can hurt the people around you, especially those you love.

Drugs abuse is not just a personal matter! As long as people entertain a drug habit: Parents, Doctors, Teachers, Law Enforcement as well as Employers must boldly maintain the vigil and understand that drug identification through whatever means possible is a good thing! For the user, it can be like looking at yourself in a mirror that shows how you really are and not just the way you that you think you are, arousing an awareness that can eventually result in realization and recovery.

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