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Noble Split Specimen Cup Test Instructions

The Noble Split Specimen Cup Test Instructions (Procedure Card)

Alco-Screen Test Instructions/Procedure

The Alco-Screen Test Instructions (Procedure Card)

iScreen OFD Test Procedure Instructions

The iScreen OFD (Oral Fluid Device) Test Procedure

About K2/Spice the Drug (Information)

The K2/Spice Facts (K2/Spice Banned in many States)

How we Ship Our Rapid Detect Dip Cards

The RDI Dip Card Test Package Deal (What’s Included)

New Rapid Detect Brand Products

ALL NEW Rapid Detect Brand Name Products

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RDI drug testing videos are intended to either generate online interest in our products as well as supply support to our customers in providing how to videos with step by step instructions on how to perform drug and alcohol test procedures (test procedure instructions) as well as educate viewers about new or beneficial drug test kits available at our website ( This would also include videos about accessories, adulteration test strips which is very needed for specimen validity and how to perform an adulteration test procedure. Drug test cups and cup test instructions.