Urine Drug Test Timeline: Understanding the Window for Accurate Drug Testing

urine drug test detection times

Ever wondered how long the window is to test someone that could be using drugs? This article should help you understand the urine drug test window & timeframe. Whether it’s due to the stress of an ultra-competitive workplace, the desire to have enough energy to go out after a workday, or even because of an […]

The Truth About Taking an Instant Drug Test

Have you ever wondered about how an instant drug test works or how accurate they actually are? If you have, then check out this must-know info! Will an instant drug test suit your needs? You’ll be shocked to find out the truth. There are many reasons why you might need a drug test. Sometimes, it’s […]

Understanding Marijuana Cut-Off Levels

Marijuana Urine Drug Test: Know the Cut-Off If you give your employees a urine drug test for marijuana, you should know the cut-off levels. Click here and find out what to look for. Do you know the cut-off levels for a urine drug test? If you’re testing employees for marijuana, it’s important to know exactly […]

Using an Integrated Test Cup

Why use an Integrated Test Cup? A drug test cup was invented to provide an integrated testing method that would reduce contact with the urine specimen and decrease testing time with less mess and fewer components to handle. A drug test cup is simply a test kit in a urine collection cup that initiates the […]