The Science Behind the Hair Follicle Drug Test and How it Works

Ever wondered how a hair follicle drug test actually manages to pick up traces of drugs in your system? Learn more about the science and accuracy of this test. It sounds like something straight off of CSI. Researchers analyze strands of your hair with scientific precision. Then, from those tiny, whisper-thin pieces, they can tell if […]

Drug Test for a Teenager: Why You Should Give Your Teen a Drug Test

There are several different types of drug tests that can be done for various reasons. Click here to see why you need a drug test for a teenager. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), 36% of high school students have tried marijuana at least one time. Moreover, 5% have tried […]

Company Drug Testing: 9 Benefits of Drug Testing for Businesses

If you are running a business, you may want to give your employees a drug test. Click here to learn about company drug testing and why it is beneficial. According to industry data, 78% of companies drug test at least a portion of their workforce. Does yours have such a practice in place? If not, […]

7 Warning Signs Of Meth Use: What Meth Use In Your Employees Looks Like

Meth Use

Concerned that your employee may be using meth? Here are the warning signs of meth use that you should keep an eye out for and how to test for it. When it comes to illegal drugs, there is no drug quite as infamous as methamphetamine. Known for its horrifying side effects, crippling addiction potential and […]

7 Warning Signs Of Kratom Addiction In Your Employees

Not sure if your employee is addicted to Kratom? Here are seven warning signs of Kratom addiction and how you can test for this drug. Although kratom was traditionally used by farmers in Southeast Asia for a boost of energy throughout the day, this plant can have some unwanted consequences when consumed in high doses. […]

So Your Employee Failed their Drug Test? Strategies to a Drama-Free Approach

Strategies to Follow After a Failed Employee Drug Test A failed employee drug test can be an awkward situation for all parties involved. Check out advice on how to approach your employee and avoid drama. As a business owner, you want to trust and depend on the people in your employ. It’s hard to imagine […]

5 Steps to Starting a Drama-Free Testing Policy at Your Business

Think your business could benefit from employee drug testing? Discover how to seamlessly establish and execute a new drug testing policy. If you’ve got employees, odds are you have enough drama already, whether it’s office drama or disagreements from coworkers. When it comes to your drug testing policy, it’s important to have things put into […]

How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your System?

how long does kratom stay in your system

Does kratom show up on a drug test? How long does kratom last in one’s system? Read this guide to find out. Kratom is a relatively new drug that’s appeal comes largely from the effects it induces and the fact that it’s legal. Just because it’s legal, though, doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences for doing […]

Mouth Swab Drug Test – Improtant Things to Know

The mouth swab drug test is one of the many ways to test your employees. Check out this ultimate guide to learn everything you need to know about them now! As some workplaces struggle to find employees or to keep them, one of the reasons is the prevalence of drug testing around the country. Some […]

Employment Drug Testing – How to Protect Your Company and Its Employees

Don’t fret about that test! Read more to learn how you can protect yourself and your employees during the routine employment drug test! Well informed is well armed — never more true than with the issue of employment drug testing. Understanding the process will help keep your employees protected and your business on the right […]