Why Mouth Swab Drug Tests Are Becoming More Popular as a Method of Testing

mouth swab drug test

As illicit drug use in the U.S. becomes more widespread and severe, drug tests remain both viable and valuable. Now, however, traditional methods are giving way to more advanced systems capable of detecting a greater number of drugs in more convenient ways than ever before. One of those is the mouth swab drug test. Quickly gaining ground […]

Your Comprehensive Guide to a 10 Panel Drug Screen

10 panel drug screen

Did you know that about 2.5 million Americans have used an illegal drug within the past 30 days? Drug abuse can affect not only a person’s personal life but also their professional life. Poor work performance is already bad enough to deal with but if your employee is working with dangerous machinery or performing another job that requires a […]

How Much Drug Screening Actually Costs

how much does a drug test cost - drug screening cost

As an employer, you have a responsibility to ensure your employees are healthy, safe, and reliable. Part of that means running drug screenings at least once, and maybe multiple times. But you may be asking, “How much does a drug test cost?” Drug testing costs can vary depending on what kind of tests you want […]

A Healthy Business: Tips for Maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace

drug-free workplace

Did you know that 1 in 7 Americans will face an addiction at some point in their life? If you also factor in the number of people who aren’t addicted but still use recreational drugs, this figure soars even higher. If you’re trying to run a business, alcohol and substance abuse can wreak havoc on […]

Determining Which Drug Tests Are Right for Your Company

Drug Tests

Research shows that more than half of employers (57%) require job applicants to take a drug test before moving further in the hiring process. Are you considering implementing this same policy at your workplace? If so, you’re already one step ahead of the rest. Drug testing is an ideal way to learn more about the […]

How to Handle Drug Abuse in the Workplace

drug abuse in the workplace

Drug abuse is a killer. It takes its toll on more than just the individual drug user. Drug abuse in the workplace costs companies $74 billion every year in lost productivity.  Workplace drug abuse can instill a sense of hopelessness in those who have to deal with the addict. The problem feels monumental. Where do […]

Staying in Compliance: What Employers Need to Know About Drug Testing Laws

If you own a business and you want to give your employees drug tests, you need to do it the right way. Here’s what you’ll want to know about drug testing laws. Research shows that 56% of U.S. employers require employees to take a pre-employment drug test before joining their team. Are you considering implementing […]

Open Up and Say Ahhhh…. How a Saliva Drug Test Works

Are you looking for a less invasive way to do drug testing? This guide will explain exactly how a saliva drug test works and why it’s a great option. Running a business is no easy feat in the first place. It seems as though there’s always something new on your never-ending to-do list. When it […]

Key Points to Remember During a Job Interview

By: Phil Baldwin – CEO/Owner of RDI Are you looking for a job and need one as quick as possible? Good news! You should be very excited about the potential positions that are waiting out there to be filled. In 2018, an article by Jeff Cox of MSNBC stated that “There are more jobs than […]

Urine Drug Test Timeline: Understanding the Window for Accurate Drug Testing

urine drug test detection times

Ever wondered how long the window is to test someone that could be using drugs? This article should help you understand the urine drug test window & timeframe. Whether it’s due to the stress of an ultra-competitive workplace, the desire to have enough energy to go out after a workday, or even because of an […]