How Long Does Cold Medicine Stay in Your System?

Sudafed false positive drug test

The common cold can cause more than just uncomfortable symptoms such as a runny nose, cough, and sore throat. It can cause you to lose your job or fail to get a job you’ve applied for. That’s because people who take cold medicine to mitigate the symptoms can also get a false positive on a […]

10 Panel Drug Tests: What Employers and Employees Should Expect

10 panel drug tests

What is a 10-Panel Drug Test? Less common than other drug tests, the 10-panel drug test remains a viable option for employers, law enforcement officials, medical professionals, and federal, state, or local government employees. The 10-panel drug test is capable of detecting five of the most commonly misused prescription drugs (such as anti-depressants and opiates) […]

What is Specimen Validity Testing & Why Is It Important to Your Business

The most common specimen collected for drugs of abuse screening is urine since, in general, it reflects drugs consumed in the past few days. Although the method of obtaining urine samples is, overall, a simple, easy, and quick process, there are also many ways to tamper or alter the sample to try to get a […]

THC Drug Test: An Overview

thc drug test

As certain cannabis and hemp products become legalized, confusion over terminology grows increasingly prevalent. Questions of the differences between THC and CBD arise. Are they the same substance? Do both incite the same feelings? Can both be discovered on a drug test? While THC and CBD are chemically identical, both compounds affect the body differently […]

What are the Different Panel Drug Tests?

drug test panel options

Are you searching for the best drug test for your company’s needs? You may have heard of 5-panel drug tests or 10-panel drug tests, but there are also many other options which can be beneficial, including 5-, 7-, 10-, and 12-panel tests. Rapid Detect offers a wide range of drug and alcohol test options, including […]

7 Reasons to Have Drug Testing for Your Business

drug testing

Over 70 percent of Americans with substance addictions are part of the workforce. Drug use in the workplace is a serious problem facing many employers. Fortunately, it’s also an easy problem to fix and one companies can fix themselves. More and more businesses are drug testing their employees. If your business lacks a drug testing policy, you are […]

The Top 10 Benefits of Drug Testing in the Workplace

benefits of drug testing in the workplace

Alcohol and drug abuse can cause many expensive problems for businesses. In fact, drug abuse and addiction are reported to cost American companies over $80 billion every year, with much of that money spent on absenteeism, healthcare costs, and lost productivity. Beyond the financial, misuse of these substances can also create costly issues regarding the […]

8 Common Drug Testing Mistakes to Avoid for Businesses

drug testing mistakes

Recent studies show that workplace drug use is on the rise. Is your company prepared? Drug tests can help keep everyone in your organization safe, and bring to light any underlying issues that can impact both employee performance and workplace safety. Yet, before you invest in a solution for your company, it pays to know […]