How to Handle Drug Abuse in the Workplace

drug abuse in the workplace

Drug abuse is a killer. It takes its toll on more than just the individual drug user. Drug abuse in the workplace costs companies $74 billion every year in lost productivity.  Workplace drug abuse can instill a sense of hopelessness in those who have to deal with the addict. The problem feels monumental. Where do […]

How to Read an iCup Drug Test Cup Results

how to read an icup drug test cup

Commonly used in the initial screening for the presence of drugs in a person’s system, iCup urine drug tests are one of the most popular methods of random testing for recent drug use. Easy to control and used to provide accurate results quickly, administering this test is not overly difficult. However, it is crucial to […]

Drug Testing While On Cold Medications

Sudafed false positive drug test

It’s that time of year again when the temperatures cool down in the northern hemisphere. As we leave the heat of summer behind us for this year, it is welcomed with open arms by some who appreciate the changes that are brought by the natural adjustment. Many are inspired to spend extra time outdoors because […]