How to determine the Best Drug Testing Kits for Your Organization

Are you looking to incorporate drug testing in your organization? Be sure you choose the right type of drug testing kits that fit your company’s needs.

If you run a business, you know there’s nothing more important than having employees prepped and in the right mindset to begin the workday. While a positive attitude is important, so is staying clean at work.

Regardless if you hire factory workers or a high-profile financial institution, you want to know if your employees engage in illegal substances. But how can you determine if someone’s a good fit for the company?

While you’ve heard of Drug Testing Kits, you may not know there are several different options on the market. Learn more about selecting the best one for your company’s needs.

Urine Drug Testing Kits Offer Cost-Effective Analysis

If you’re looking for the most common way to drug test employees, urine drug tests offer the simplest solution. You can either direct your employees to a testing center you’ve partnered with or have the test administered by HR at your office.

The latter offers a helpful way to save time and money, depending on what tests you choose and your company needs.

These tests provide a painless way to check new employees and confirm they’re not engaging in illegal activities that could have a negative effect on the workplace. For example, you don’t want someone who tests positive for cocaine if this person is going to work around heavy equipment, handle money, or have access to important information, such as financial accounts.

Drug testing ensures that you’ll avoid hiring individuals who have these problems, allowing you to focus only on bringing in the right people. Urine drug tests save money while providing quick results.

if you think this is the path your organization needs to go on, consider making this your main source of drug testing unless you have a more serious need for something else.

Order a Blood Test

Blood tests give business owners an accurate picture of what an employee is up to before they’re hired. While blood tests provide obvious information if someone uses, they also offer additional insight into a person’s habits.

These include:

  • How the drug was ingested
  • How often the drug gets used
  • The type of drug(s) are within the body

One downside to blood tests is that they can run on the costly side. But if you’re dealing with important factors such as someone working in a setting that has safety hazards, consider this type of test as a useful way to determine if they’re the right fit for your company.

With blood tests, individuals who only use a little aren’t always caught. The drug doesn’t stay in their system long enough when they indulge occasionally.

For those that have a chronic problem, drug use gets detected quickly.

It’s better to practice preventative methods. That includes ensuring you’re bringing the right people on board when they’re hired.

While it’s important to stay aware of the latest names for drugs, it’s just as crucial to recognize the signs and prevent hiring individuals who have drug problems in the first place. Doing so can save workplace morale and keep other employees from falling down the same path.

Consider a Saliva Drug Test As a New Option On the Market

Saliva tests are one of the newest drug testing kits on the market. For small business owners, these offer an effective way to screen both new and existing employees in a manner that is quick, painless, and affordable.

Also called mouth swab tests, there’s no need for a professional lab if you’d rather avoid it. Samples get taken from the employee and you’ll get results in 10 minutes.

Saliva tests identify common drugs such as cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana. It’s important to understand that newer drugs newer won’t get recognized by the test all the time.

If you suspect your potential employee has other issues, it’s helpful to run a different type of test if the saliva test comes back negative. Consider these tests a useful way to screen for common drugs.

When you’re looking to cut back costs, this allows you to see if employees have any issues, and keep from dealing with lab fees and other high costs.

Get Precise Information With a Hair Follicle Test

Certain companies and positions require a thorough knowledge of what an employee does, and if there’s anything a company needs to be aware of. In difficult circumstances such as these, a hair follicle test can give you confidence when hiring a new employee or performing testing after an accident.

Hair follicle tests tell employers a great deal about the habits of the individual. This includes not only what drugs they use but how often they use them and any patterns.

For example, if someone used a long time ago and decided to stop, the test reveals past habits.

Because hair tests tell so much about an individual’s use, consider running the test only in certain circumstances. This depends on the individual and position, but a hair test if most helpful if needing in-depth information on a person’s habits.

Learn More About Small Business Drug Testing Kits

If you’re running a small business, you’re likely interested in learning everything you can about drug testing kits on the market. Before you begin testing employees, make sure you’re aware of your options. This way you can select the best and most cost-effective choice to meet your needs.

If you’re running a small business, it’s important to know how your company handles change. Consider the new laws regarding recreational drugs, and what they mean for you. Check out our blog on the changing laws related to marijuana and see how this affects your company as you progress forward to the future.

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