Top 5 Advantages of Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Drug tests can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for both employees and managers. There are a lot of different pieces of the process that can cause a lot of headache for everyone.

With seven in 10 Americans having had used drugs while at work, it’s become important to make sure employees are staying focused and healthy.

Luckily, there are simple drug testing options out there like oral fluid testing to smooth things over. But what makes testing oral fluids better than other kinds of drug tests?

Read on for the five advantages of oral fluid drug testing.

1. Fast Results

One of the advantages oral drug testing has over other methods is how quickly you’ll get results. Testing oral fluids have been known to return results faster than other methods.

Oral fluid tests work quickly and effectively. Most saliva test kits will return results in about 10 minutes.

If these tests come back with positive results, you may need to send the sample off to a laboratory for further confirmation. But luckily, the results from these examinations come back in nearly 24 hours.

Whether the test finds anything in an employee’s system, using oral fluid drug tests manage to return results faster than other methods. This saves everyone valuable time and energy that could be used elsewhere.

2. Cost-Effective

One of the reasons some workplaces overlook drug testing is due to cost. 16% of organizations believe that drug testing is too expensive to enforce.

In reality, avoiding drug testing can end up being much more costly for you and the company. Not to mention that the cost of drug tests are actually much more manageable than some would think.

This is especially true for oral fluid tests. Instant drug test kits are able to detect any drugs in the individual’s system at very low cost.

Other methods may involve paying laboratory staff or covering shipping charges. In comparison, instant saliva test kits can be taken anytime and anywhere for much cheaper. This makes it much easier to distribute and enforce in the workplace.

3. Accurate Results

The information these drug tests return to you is important for how you manage your employees. Using these oral fluid tests can be fast and accurate.

But how can swabbing your saliva reveal so much about your body?

Saliva works well as a sample for drug testing because of how much information it holds. Substances that appear in an individual’s saliva is also present in their bloodstream.

Because of this, if a test were to find traces of a drug in an employee’s saliva, it may require further action. If something shows up in an instant test, it’s usually followed up with a laboratory test to confirm the readings.

Instant saliva drug tests make it easy to screen your employees. The results come in after minutes, allowing you and your employees to get back to work sooner rather than later.

Though they’re simple, instant oral fluid tests do their job well. In addition to being able to return accurate results, they also can reduce the risk of tampering with test samples.

4. No Contamination

A common problem most workplaces have with drug tests getting honest samples from employees.

Contaminating samples can alter how they’re read. As a result, the data you get back could be inaccurate or even completely wrong.

While accidents like this are always a risk, the much larger concern is dealing with dishonest employees.

Because of how most drug tests work, you’re forced to put a lot of faith in employees to be honest about their results. But some may take this freedom for granted.

The ability to “cheat” or falsify the results of your drug tests is simpler than you’d think. Not only are there ways to provide a fake sample, but some even go so far as to mix their samples with other chemicals to alter the test’s results.

The beauty of oral fluid testing is that there is little opportunity for this kind of mishap. Due to the spontaneity and supervision that take place during a saliva test, there aren’t many opportunities to tamper with a saliva sample.

Trying to somehow cheat an oral fluid test is much more difficult than doing so with traditional methods. There is little need for privacy, and because of it, there aren’t many ways for someone to submit a counterfeit sample.

Most oral fluid tests are done under the supervision of someone. This figure is there to keep an eye on those being tested. Having someone present during the drug test makes it that much more difficult to cheat.

Being able to minimize contamination in your saliva samples can make the entire process less stressful for everyone.

5. On-Site Testing

Another valuable aspect of testing oral fluids for drugs is the ability to do the tests on-site.

This can simplify the entire drug testing process. Rather than have employees travel elsewhere to take their tests, you’re able to administer everything from the convenience of your workplace.

Instant saliva tests can be brought to any work environment at any time. This makes it easy to schedule and get everyone’s drug tests submitted in a timely manner.

In addition to being able to administer the test from anywhere, you can also do it at any time. Having these kinds of saliva tests allows for more flexibility on when you choose to test your employees.

Whether it’s simply a routine test or a spontaneous check, using instant saliva drug tests can simplify the entire process.

Is Oral Fluid Drug Testing Right For You?

While oral fluid drug testing may work well for some, some may not believe in its accuracy.

Drug testing your employees is already a huge ordeal on its own. Between working with everyone’s schedules and ensuring everyone is able to make it, the entire thing can be overwhelming.

Instant saliva tests are simple to use and return results faster than most other methods out there.

Are you looking for more ways to keep the workplace drug-free? Check out our blog for everything you need to know about drug testing.

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