7 Signs of Drug Abuse in Your Employees

7 Signs of Drug Abuse in Your Employees

Do you think some of your employees my be abusing drugs and alcohol? Here are the signs of drug abuse and how requiring drug tests can fix the problem.

Did you know that over 20 million Americans suffer from substance abuse? However, only about 11% will ever receive treatment for their disorder.

It is estimated that the amount of Americans that suffer from substance abuse disorders is on the rise.

This includes drugs such as alcohol, heroin, marijuana, cocaine, and pain relievers.

Individuals who suffer from substance abuse addiction may be extremely good at masking their symptoms while others may be obvious. But by ordering drug test kits and knowing what signs of drug abuse to look for, you can find out whether you have employees that have a drug problem.

If you need help recognizing signs of drug abuse, then keep on reading.

1. Neglecting Responsibilities

Do you have an employee that’s worked with your company for some time and you have noticed frequent mistakes or lack of concern for their responsibilities?

Well, this is typically one of the first signs of drug abuse.

A person who is addicted to drugs is usually thinking about getting their next hit so they begin to neglect other responsibilities that they may have. They may make constant mistakes or not pay attention to their responsibilities overall.

Although your employee might begin neglecting their responsibilities, it’s always best to suggest a drug test before confronting someone. Sometimes an employee might just be having a rough week and it’s best to be certain before accusing someone of drug abuse.

2. Changes In Eyes

Depending on the type of drug someone has just taken, their eyes might either become bloodshot, glazed or their pupils might constrict or dilate.

Even though some employees can use eye drops to remove bloodshot eyes, you can still see changes in the pupils or the glazed look they may have.

If someone is avoiding eye contact, wears glasses during unexpected times, or stands at a distance when talking to you, they may be trying to prevent you from noticing their eyes.

Changes in the eyes are an easy way to notice signs of a drug abuse since most all drugs affect the appearance of eyes in some way.

3. Weight Changes

Someone who experiences dramatic weight loss can reflect signs of drug abuse. Because a person who is addicted to drugs only focuses on drugs, they may forget to eat which results in weight loss.

Not only do they get smaller in size, their muscle mass may diminish as well.

Marijuana abuse might actually result in weight gain due to a side-effect which makes individuals hungrier, so it’s best to pay attention to any dramatic physical changes that an employee may go through.

4. Irritable

An employee that has an issue with substance abuse may become more irritable and aggressive.

This is a behavioral change and is one of more the most noticeable changes when looking for signs of drug abuse.

Do you have an employee that used to be happy and now you have noticed increased aggression and irritability towards other employees or themselves?

An employee who may have a drug problem will have mood swings that result in someone being friendly in one minute and then extremely hostile and aggressive in the next moment.

Again, it’s best to drug test someone because irritability can also occur if someone is having a stressful week or they are becoming unhappy with their current employment. We offer a 5 Panel Drug Test for this very reason.

5. Personal Hygiene Decreases

One of the signs of drug abuse also consists of lack of concern for personal hygiene.

Whether they can’t afford to pay their water bill anymore or they simply do not care about their hygiene, an employee that barely showers is a clear warning sign that they may be struggling with drug abuse.

Since financial issues occur due to drug abuse, the employee may wear the same clothes repeatedly without washing them.

This is especially relevant for an employee that used to care about their appearance but no longer does.

6. Withdrawal From Co-Workers

If you notice an employee become distant from co-workers, that is usually one of the signs of drug abuse.

An employee may have had close friendships with co-workers but once an addiction occurs, that friendship dissolves. Instead of eating lunch with the rest of the co-workers, the employee may choose to eat on their own or disappear for the lunch break.

They may leave during their lunch break to be alone or to use drugs so that they feel better. Regardless of the reason, friendships are no longer a need for the employee with substance abuse disorder.

Co-workers may actually bring up their concerns of an employee that may be suffering from drug abuse due to their unexpected withdrawal symptoms.

7. Shaking and Tremors

If an employee is constantly stimulating themselves with their preferred drug while on the job, they won’t show this withdrawal symptom.

This is the reason it’s the last on our list, as it can be the hardest to spot.

However, if an employee does not partake in drug use while at work, they may shake and have tremors because their body now relies on this drug at all times.

Spotting The Signs of Drug Abuse

Sometimes it is difficult to notice whether or not an employee may suffer from a drug addiction. Especially if they are new hires or they are extremely good at masking their symptoms.

Other times, it may be very easy to notice that certain employees may suffer from drug abuse. It depends on the certain drug they use, when they use and how often they use.

For example, employees that use cocaine only on the weekends are going to be more difficult to catch than an employee who drinks alcohol every day, including during work hours.

That is why we offer drug test kits, it makes it so much easier to concern yourself with work-related issues instead of whether or not an employee partakes in drug use.

To avoid the stress of analyzing every co-worker you may be concerned about, ordering the drug kit will be the best move you can make.

What are you waiting for? Order now.

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