Convicts Getting A Taste For “Spice” In Prison

Inmates are getting the spice drug into jails, prisons, and penitentiaries causing potential health risks. The fastest and most affordable way identify synthetic Cannabis is with a urine K2 test.

You might find it as a big surprise, but inmates are adding a bit of “Spice” into their daily routine. Apparently, it’s not with their diet, but as a way of recreation. It’s a bit disturbing to realize that the convicts sent there, as a form of punishment for a crime they committed, are still getting “wasted” on our tax dollars. However, the good news is that measures are taken daily to slow down the trafficking inflow of illicit drugs. To figure out how to stop it from entering the prisons, you have to first understand how it’s getting into the system.

There are several different ways it’s being delivered, including right under our noses, or should we say pens. For one example: Inmates are allowed to receive regular mail from family and friends on the outside as per privilege. At some point, someone figured out how to send K2 to the inmates by doing the process of dipping the paper in chemical Spice, letting it dry, and sending it to the inmate via a Postal carrier or through visitation. Once the letters arrive, the inmate, at a later time, can rip up the paper and smoke it. Even if the inmate doesn’t do K2 Spice, they can sell the Spice-saturated paper to other prisoners that do, for a little extra cash or as a down payment on a favor. According to officials, a 1-inch square of the “Spice” paper sells for around $5. If you do the math, a whole sheet of paper will sell for up to as much as $250. It does seem to be a very lucrative business to get into if you ever go into the big house.

Another way that the inmates are getting their K2 Spice fix these days are by using the very people holding them in from the outside world: Prison Guards and Staff. Another was to traffic in K2, along with other drugs, right under our noses. The FBI among other Federal Agencies, in the past has sent undercover operatives to infiltrate these criminal rings consisting of corrupt guards and staff members of the penitentiary. Although many busts have been made leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved, it still doesn’t keep drugs, like K2 Spice, from passing the hands of employees to the prisoners. As it turns out, the temptation is too great for a low-paid prison guard to pass up the money. Other than the employees, who bring it in for a price, women bring it into the husbands any number of ways including clothing of their children or in their personal clothing (bras and panties) they are wearing. Former inmate or friends of an inmate currently incarcerated happens to work for a company which makes deliveries to the institution, have been caught sneaking in numerous items including cell phones, knives, and other elements for drug use. There are also numerous reports stating some lawyers bring it into their clients. If there’s a way, they’ll find it.

However, that’s not saying K2 Spice is not being manufactured inside the prison walls. Some could say making K2 Spice is a fairly easy process. According to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Spice consists of dried lettuce leaves mixed with a fertilizer that has been laced with some sort of synthetic cannabinoid, causing the similar effects of THC or Marijuana.  And to make the problem more difficult, since Spice is easy to produce, the health risk and damage depends on the amount of the chemical that is being ingested by the user. We know how serious the health risks are with the consumption of K2. Not only does it affect the person using K2, but it can also cause harm to everyone around that person.

The fastest and most affordable way to identify K2 (K3) Synthetic Cannabis is to employ an easy to perform urine K2 test kit, not only are they affordable but they are also proven as an accurate screening method with test results appearing in seconds once the test device has been initiated.

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