Identifying Adulterants

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Urine Adulteration is an issue that you cannot ignore. Adulteration is the intentional tampering with a urine sample by the donor to avoid detection of illicit drug use. Successful adulteration produces a false-negative drug test result. The validity of any drug test depends on the integrity of the urine sample. There is absolutely no need to perform a test unless you know that the urine specimen can from said donor and that said donor did not tamper with the specimen provided.

The problem you see is that adulteration is not a hard task at all to achieve. A urine specimen can be easily diluted or altered with household substances and other chemicals such as chlorine bleach, liquid drain cleaner, and white vinegar, just to mention a few. Then, there are a number of commercially made products that can be purchased at specialty stores and on websites who boldly advertise: “you can pass a drug test” “pass a urine test with brand names like: Stealth, Urine Luck 6.3 and 6.4, Whizzes, Klear, Clear Choice, Purafyzit and Clean x.” The end result of using these items could effect a negative result, called a false-negative, and had the specimen stayed untouched that person would have tested non-negative.

Adulterant Test strips can aid the testing process by performing an audit on the urine specimen. When adulterants are identified in a urine sample, the screening technician will at that point, terminate the test and notify the employer that adulterants were identified. Make sure you read the AD results before you record drug test results. Make sure to check the temperature of the urine specimen to validate that the temperature is in the normal range (at least 93%). Rapid Detect has products that will detect adulterants in human urine, iScreen adulterant strips and Intect 7 adulterant strips.

Adulterants can be detected by drug testing labs or you can buy bottles of adulteration test strips that can be purchased as an accessory for drug testing to assure urine specimen validity, one can also purchase adulterant strips built-in to the drug test itself, but some less expensive tests do not test for them, so we make then available for you in bottles of 25.