How to Read an iCup Drug Test Cup Results

how to read an icup drug test cup

Commonly used in the initial screening for the presence of drugs in a person’s system, iCup urine drug tests are one of the most popular methods of random testing for recent drug use. Easy to control and used to provide accurate results quickly, administering this test is not overly difficult. However, it is crucial to understand how to read an iCup drug test cup results accurately in order to make the most of this amazing product.

Here, we’ll join you in the testing processing, picking up after you’ve collected the correct specimen amount and you are about to see the results. The good news is you have already done the hard part, collecting the sample. Now that the lid is screwed on tight, and you have placed the security seal over the lid along with signing your initials and date it, all that’s left is to pull open the label and reveal the results.

How to Know if the iCup Drug Test Worked

The iCup drug test results should show up in about 5 minutes (or less) if everything has gone well and no tampering of any kind has been done.

No matter what configurations you are testing for, and regardless of the outcome of the test, the results panel should be displaying a line next to the letter “C” (which stands for control) to tell you the test is running fine. If a line does not appear next to the control, as shown in the image below, then you must presume the test as invalid and try a new iCup drug test.

How to Read an iCup Drug Test Cup Results


Now that you know the test was successfully valid, you will want to look at the specific drug results.

Perhaps counterintuitively from what you understand about similar tests, if the drug you are testing for is NOT in the sample (a.k.a a negative result), a line WILL appear next to the drug abbreviation on the test strip.

If, however, the drug you are testing for IS in the sample (a.k.a. a positive result), NO line will appear next to the drug abbreviation on the test strip.

Does a Faint Line Indicate a Negative iCup Drug Test Result?

Another question that may pop into your mind may be “Does a faint line indicate a negative result?” Yes, faint lines DO indicate negative results! The presence of a test line, regardless of how faint, is indicative of a negative result.

The shade of color in the test region (Drug/T in the image below) will vary, but it should be considered a negative result whenever there is even a faint colored line. Any indication of a line is a negative result. To settle any confusion, try performing another test to be certain.

Are There Minimum Drug Levels Required for an iCup Drug Test Positive Result?

As with all other drug test options, a minimum amount of a controlled substance is needed for the iCup test to register a positive result. Used to prevent most false positives, those detection levels are suggested by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

With some drugs, such as amphetamines, the minimum amount is relatively high (1000ng/mL). However, other drugs (such as marijuana) have relatively low minimum amounts (50ng/mL). To make matters more complicated, many law enforcement and addiction treatment programs have zero tolerance policies and will lower the cutoff level of their testing. Accordingly, it can be difficult to make sense of the results.

If you have a drug test device that detects a wide variety of drugs (more than four), please understand that some strips might display more than a single drug result. In other words, you may see three or four drugs per strip, depending on the configuration you are using.

What Does Each Result Mean?

Negative Drug Test Results

If a test comes back negative (i.e., a line did appear in the test region), it means that the sample’s concentration of that specific drug is below the designated cutoff level of the test.

Positive Drug Test Results

If no lines appear in the test region, but there is one in the control region, it means that the drug test in question is positive, and the sample’s concentration of the drug is above the designated cutoff level.

If a positive result is found using an iCup drug test, the results should only be assumed as positive, not confirmed. Check with the donor to see if any prescription drugs or other related substances may be interfering and causing false positives.

In some instances, a verification test may be required to ensure complete transparency in your testing process. Positive drug test results using this method should always be confirmed with alternative methods as well, such as gas chromatography/mass spectrometry or high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

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