Rapid Detect Dip Drug Test

Rapid Detect Dip Drug Test

It’s a proven fact that drug abuse is a serious public health problem affecting most communities across our country. Each year it causes a countless amount of serious illnesses or injuries among Americans. Drug testing is a reliable tool that can be used to prevent bad situations from occurring. In fact, it’s used quite a bit across the workforce for various reasons, including health and wellness, insurance policies, and accident reporting. I realize that you might be asking yourself “why is it so important for health and wellness?” I can answer that question and hopefully the many others that may come into your mind as you continue reading this article.

If you are taking drugs, you can get help with the different types of treatment for drug abuse, but the best is to prevent drug abuse in the first place. Did you know that doctors sometimes require their patients to take a urine drug test before making any diagnosis to see if that person is consuming anything they aren’t supposed to be? If a woman is pregnant (knowing it or not), drug abuse can cause some serious harm to the unborn baby and could end up destroying families. On the flip side, they also ask their patients as to verify if they are taking the prescribed medicine that they are supposed to be taking. Granted, it could be taken by a blood test, but if the person has a fear of needles, it would be a better option.

Rapid Detect Dip Drug Test
Rapid Detect Dip Drug Test

Let’s say you want to test a person because there was an accident on the job site that caused another worker to get injured. The person tells you he or she isn’t under the influence of any medication or drugs. Granted, you could just take a person’s word for it and they may be telling you the truth, but it always helps to have proof. Now how do you obtain that proof? Deciding on which method is right for you when you have so many options available that “claim” to have the reliability as a lab confirmation. The truth is the majority of drug tests out there don’t even come close as The Rapid Detect Dip Drug Test.

When it comes to drug testing, it helps to know what drug you want (or need, in some cases) to test for. In actuality, methods are only secondary, reliability is the key here. While there is nothing on the market yet that can offer a detailed report as accurate like a lab confirmation can, the Rapid Detect Dip Drug Test comes very close in drug identifying accuracy, saving you a lot of time and your company a lot of money. With this product, you will be able to take advantage of on-the-spot drug testing because it is a point-of-care (POC) test.

Let me break it down, when you send a specimen for Lab screening, the average cost is $35 per drug and take up to one week to get results back. Let’s say you want to test for 6 different drugs of abuse from one person, simple math will tell you that it will cost $210. If you test your whole department of 5 people, that equals $1050.00! How about your whole staff of 25 people? I think you are smart enough to see where this is going. Now, what if we took that same scenario and offered you a simple POC solution to your drug testing needs for about a tenth of the cost, what would you think? Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not. With the Rapid Detect Dip Drug Test, we put time back on your side, literally.

The Rapid Detect dip drug test uses an easy, fast, qualitative, visually read competitive binding immunoassay method for screening. In other words, there is no urine to pipette, nor does it need any special tools or instrumentation to aid in the process. It will utilize a unique mixture of antibodies to selectively identify the drug of abuse and their metabolites in test samples with a high degree of sensitivity. Preparation is good practice before performing any drug test. That’s why you always make sure to have everything needed, laid out in front of you before starting the test so to avoid missing an important step. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Have a Chain of Custody form (COC) or Test Results Record template available.
  2. Require the person who’s being tested to present some sort of photo identification.
  3. Ask donor to remove any unnecessary extra clothing and to empty all their pockets.
  4. Keep all backpacks and purses out of the collection site (or restroom). Ensure that all backpacks, wallets, and purses are secured. If allowed, put them in a locked cabinet and make sure that the donor is given the key.
  5. Secure the collection site by turning off sink faucets, check to for blue toilet water while securing the toilet tank top, and remove all substances (cleaners).

If you are using the Rapid Detect Dip Drug Test, there are a few simple things we would like to point out to help ensure you get the most accurate results possible:

  • The person administrating the tests should be trained on the testing procedures.intect7_box_rdi_logo2
  • Do not break the seal of the protective pouch until you are ready to begin the test.
  • Visually inspect the foil package to ensure that it has not been compromised before beginning the test. Should the package not be intact, the integrity may be compromised.
  • Be sure to collect a fresh urine specimen using a sterile collection cup. Specimens do not require any special handling or pretreatment, but it’s always a good idea to check for any adulterants that may have been inserted.

When it comes to performing the actual Rapid Detect Dip Drug Test procedure, the steps are pretty easy.

  1. Tear open the foil pouch and remove the test.
  2. Prior to giving a collection cup to the individual to be tested, ask the donor to not flush the toilet or turn the water on, and to open the door when they are done.
  3. Ensure that the specimen has a volume of at least 30 mL by having the donor urinate directly into the collection cup.
  4. As soon as you get the specimen, check to see if the temperature is in the normal range of 90° (32°C) to 100°F (38°C) and observe it for foreign material and/or discoloration.
  5. Remove the cap from the Dip Drug Test and insert the strips into the specimen for no less than 15 seconds, but no more than 30 seconds.
  6. After removing the strips from the sample and waiting at least 5 minutes for the test strips, the administrator along with the donor should sign and date the label.
  7. If you wish to record the results, lay the Test Results Record template on a copier or scanner while placing the dip card face down in the results window opening of the template.
  8. Fill out the Test Results Record with complete donor and test information.

That’s it, just five minutes is all it takes to find out if the person is under narcotic influence. The results are good for up to four hours. That’s why we strongly urge you to keep a visual copy for record purposes. Even if you see a shaded / faint line in your results (Drug/T), it still means it’s a negative result for that drug. Here’s what you need to look for:

instant results

  • Negative – You should see one line in the Control Zone and one line in the Test Zone to indicate the concentration of the drug is below the detection limit of the test or the drug is not present in the sample.
  • Positive – Only the Control Zone has a line visible while the Test Zone has no lines visible, nor faint. This outcome means a presumptive positive result for the corresponding drug of that specific Test Zone.
  • Invalid (No Lines) – In the rare case of not having a line visible in the Control Zone, the test is to be considered invalid and you need another test to re-evaluate the urine sample. However, keep in mind that just because you have an invalid result on one test strip, it does not invalidate other results derived on the same device. Should you have any doubts, you have the option to send that urine specimen to a certified laboratory for confirmation.

As you can probably tell by now, it’s an easy test method where all you really have to do is just dip and read. The Rapid Detect Dip Drug Test is an accurate screen that can be used almost everywhere, providing your policies and laws allow rapid drug testing. Did I mention that it’s also FDA Cleared? This test is great for:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Random drug testing
  • Probable Cause (before or after accidents)
  • On-site
  • Mobile (POC)

If you order this test from Rapid Detect, Inc, you’ll get a box of 25 individual packaged tests, each with their own shelf life of up to 18 months along with our 30-day guarantee that our products will work and be free of defects. On top of that, you will receive FREE duplicate report forms and FREE 6.5oz beaker cups with your order!

Rapid Detect has been providing quality drug testing products since June of 2001. Since the beginning, it’s only had one goal in mind: to provide lab quality drug testing at an affordable price. We invite you to look at our entire catalog of products at www.rapiddetect.com. If you have any certain questions about ordering, please call and speak with one of our friendly knowledgeable sales consultants at (888) 404-0020 during our normal business hours Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm CST.

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